This Is Why Every Lady Should Woo Her Dream Man

Do you know that it is practically difficult for a lady to be with a man she has no desire for?…and whilst it is easy for men to manage a lady they don’t really have feelings for, it will be very difficult for a lady to do same but unfortunately in most cases when a lady sees a guy she strongly desires, all she does is wait and hope the guy woos her…an unfortunate situation I must say.
A lady who has no feelings for a guy will find it hard to be under the same roof with such let alone allowing the guy to touch her in anyway thereby making the guy go through serious heartache and emotional pains…yet if the same lady sees a guy she really desires, she is compelled to just wait and hope or maybe show signs that may not be understood by the guy.
I had always maintained the notion that ladies should be with a man who loves them even if they don’t have any desire for the man but this is simply because most ladies usually wait for the man to make the first move even when they are drooling for him and it makes no sense for a lady to be selective when all she does is wait to be selected even by a guy she so much desires.
So i begin to wonder why ladies had to go through the pains of just wishing a guy they desire walks up to them when they can simply walk up to the guy and tell him straight up?…in my opinion, this does not reduce the worth of the lady but it is how a lady comports herself in an affair that determines her worth.
If a lady expresses her desire for a guy and he turns her down, the lady should just walk away with her head up high…it changes nothing about her self worth but real men will even respect her for that…but the shocker is that in most cases, men Don’t turn down ladies who decisively woo them.
Ladies must understand that we live in the 21st century where gender equality is the order of the day and what is the essence of gender equality when ladies can’t express their desire to a man just as a man would?
Enough of the silly hard to get act or showing subtle signs that you want a guy…IF YOU WANT HIM, WALK UP TO HIM AND TELL HIM.
It will shock many ladies to know that there are many responsible marriage ready guys out there who are just fed up with the wooing game and will practically fall for any lady who genuinely shows interest in them and this is the secret few ladies presumed to be “bad girls” are using to get sweet responsible guys.
As long as ladies allow and themselves to be curtailed by the tradition of men making the first move,they may have no choice but to learn how to cope with the ones that come there way.
My candid opinion.
What do you think?
Op-ed from Toks2008 via Nairaland

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