How to Treat Herpes on your Mouth or Cheeks

When you see this on your mouth, please note that it’s not malaria.
This is a sign of herpes. You might have had a fever when you saw it, but it is not malaria.
You usually see it when you are ill or stressed because they become reactivated.
This cold sore is caused by a variant of the herpes virus usually Type 1 which can be gotten through close contact e.g kissing.
It lives in the nerves under the skin and the moment you become ill, or your immunity drops, you see them.
The second variant is the type 2, which usually affects the genitals.

It is also possible for the type 2 to cause sores on the mouth.
If you have a cold sore, you’ll most likely experience fever and joint aches this is what many people mistake for malaria, sometimes typhoid.
Currently, it has no cure but can be managed and in most cases, it will heal on its own.
How to prevent Herpes

  • Always see a doctor.
  • Avoid kissing anyone who has a cold sore or sharing drink or spoons or even cosmetics like make up
  • Don’t perform oral sex on anyone who has genital herpes
  • Don’t give oral sex if you have cold sores or give oral sex to someone with sores on the genitals.
  • Do not share makeup items e. g. brushes
  • PLEASE DON’T KISS BABIES, whether you have this or not.
  • Always practice safe sex, protect yourself and others.
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It is not a life-threatening infection, but you have to be careful, many people got theirs as kids, from probably other kids or adults that kiss babies.
The likelihood of infection is high especially when the sores are visible.
Do not waste your time going to buy antibiotics when you see this, it is a viral infection and antibiotics WILL NOT WORK on them.
There are some drugs however that your doctor will prescribe to help speed it’s healing if you have a bad case.

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