How Widow, Dr. Bisi Adeniyi, Help Boy Born Blind Regain his Sight

The story of one Dr. Bisi Adeniyi is a beautiful one to read as shared by her cousin on Twitter, Temitope – a retired civil servant.
Dr. Bisi has been living in Minna, for almost two (2) decades now and she runs her own private clinic there also treating many patients for free.
Though being a widow, she is reportedly to be housing at least 11 children currently aging 11 to 19 though she has grown children who are not living with her again.
In September 2019, she adopted a young boy named Tanko who was reportedly born blind but she believed there is a medical solution to the problem.
Tanko was operated on and after the bandages were taken off, the boy could now see.
See below the thread on Twitter:

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