Twitter to Add New Changes to Focus on Conversations

Leading social media platform, Twitter, has unveiled plans for some new changes that are coming to the platform this year, focusing specifically on conversations.
This was disclosed at a CES event in Las Vegas held on Wednesday, 8th January by Twitter’s director of product management, Suzanne Xie.
Parts of the four basic settings Twitter will add on who can reply to your tweets are:

  • Global lets anyone reply
  • Group is for people you follow and mention
  • Panel is people you specifically mention in the tweet
  • Statement allows you to post a tweet and no one can reply

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It should however be clarified that these are examples of what are planned on testing through experimentation, not necessarily representative of the exact features that might be adopted.
Despite all these innovations, many are still hoping to see Twitter add the edit button to tweets.
Twitter’s most valuable feature which is it’s openness – the ability for everyone to comment (other than those explicitly blocked) might be defeated if these are all implemented.

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