How Police Extort ₦100,000 from Driver on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

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The Nigeria Police Force in the wake of investigations into one of the officers who was seen on Twitter with an POS is not done with extortion accusations.
Another person on Twitter has shared his experience after he was forced to pay ₦50,000 by officers at Ijebu-Ife along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.
@iamDjSteve presented the vehicle documents and identified himself as a PCRC member at Bayelsa State but was parked and asked to pay.

Despite one of the officers talking to the vehicle owners, he was delayed and asked to pay ₦100,000 initially but pleaded with ₦10,000 on him which was refused.
He was then conveyed in a towing van stopped by the police to withdraw at the nearby community and is pleading to have his money refunded.
Steve however identified the officer’s badge number as 497336 and another officer in the team as Olatunji Ramoni with van number NPF 6842 C.
The Police Head of Complaint Response Unit, CRU, ACP Markus Ishaku Bashiran, has however responded to give hope that the officers “should be preparing to visit the Fhq too. Perhaps they have an explanation we may not be aware of.”

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