How Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Treated 699 COVID-19 Patients with 100% success

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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family practitioner in New York has now treated 699 Covid-19 patients with 100% success using Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Zinc and Z-Pak an antibiotic to treat secondary infections, and zinc sulfate.
Dr. Zelenko said he saw the symptom of shortness of breath resolved within four to six hours after treatment.
All symptoms of shortness of breath resolved within 4-6 hours.
Dr. Zelenko said the whole treatment costs only $20 over a period of 5 days with 100% success. He defines success as “Not to die.”
He had first posted his Facebook video message last week calling on President Trump to “advise the country that they should be taking this medication.”
Kansas City area physicians, including Joe Brewer, Dan Hinthorn and Jeff Colyer, who served as governor of Kansas, 2018-19 are also reported to have treated many patients, and some have shown improvements.
See a video of his latest interview explaining the success of the treatment below:

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