Lagos-Badagry Expressway: Badagry is Being Cut From Civilization – Setonji David

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Lawmaker representing Badagry Constitutency 2 at the Lagos House of Assembly, Setonji David, has lamented the horrible situation of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.
Setonji, while speaking with newsmen described the road as a “national embarrassment” and a death trap.
He also decried that Badagry has been cut off from civilization due to the bad state of the road.
“Driving on Badagry road is like traveling in a war zone; the rain has even worsened the situation. The state of the road is now terrible.
“Another problem that we have on the road is that of extortion by security agents.
“They are even making life worse for our people. You’ll see a security checkpoints after every kilometre.
In his appeal to the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the Minister of Works and Housing, Setonji pleaded they come to the aid of Badagrians.
“Nobody wants to come to Badagry to do business or tourism anymore and things are very expensive in the area now.
“To bring goods from Lagos metropolis to Badagry costs a lot of money and this makes life difficult for our people. You can only imagine what our people are going through now.
A youth activist, Podo Segla, also lamented the road conditions narrating his ordeal of how he slept on the road at Agbara.
He also noted that the economic loss on the part of the road users cannot be quantified.
On his part, Abel Hunwi, another resident said “passing through a bush path was better than going through Lagos-Badagry Expressway.”
“This is a road that goes as far as Orile and Eric Moore, but it is terrible from Mile 2 down to Badagry.
“We’re all seeing the hardship our people are going through on the road since the rain started this year.
“Our population has reduced and our economy is bad because of the state of the road,”
Mrs Dupe Ogunyemi, a trader also narrated how she spent nearly 12 hours from Mile 2 to Badagry.
She opined that people now come to Badagry through the waterways but this is very expensive and even unsafe.

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