Meet The Nigerian Brain, Nnamdi Ezeigbo, Behind Infinix And Tecno Phones

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Nnamdi Ezeigbo is the brain behind Infinix and Tecno phones, the two most popular phone brands in Nigeria. He is also the ‘Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SLOT system limited.’

Tecno and Infinix have made a good name for them self in Nigeria, their phones are not only wonderful, they are also very affordable and anyone can afford them.

A lot of people do not know that Infinix and Tecno phones, have the same parents company but the truth is that the two phone brands have one parent company, and that is why their features are similar.

Their strategy is indeed working and the phones have become very popular.
Many people believe that Infinix and Tecno phones are only made abroad, and they are right, but the brain behind the both phones is a Nigerian is an Igbo man. His name is Nnamdi Ezeigbo.

In this article, we bring to you Nnamdi Ezeigbo, whose brain was behind the two popular phones brand named, Infinix and Tecno.

They used different names because, they want to create a strategy, and the strategy is that Infinix addresses the budget end of the market for phones, while Tecno addresses the high end.

The Story Of Nnamdi Ezeigbo and How It All Started

After his secondary school education, Nnamdi Ezeigbo proceeded to the Yaba College of Technology in the year 1988, to study Electrical Electronics Engineering and he got a Higher National Diploma (HND).

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After he completed his youth service in the year 1996, Nnamdi find it hard to secure a job so he registered as an apprentice, and started learning how to repair computers. After he completed his training. He rented a shop and started repairing and selling computers, and printers.

At that time phones were scarce in the market, because it newly came into the Country and only few stores are selling it, he said a lot of people started asking him if he sells mobile phones, so he expanded the shop and started selling mobile phones.

When he saw that the demand for mobile phones is high, he contacted Nokia and told them to start creating a dual ‘SIM’ phone so that one phone can use two ‘SIM CARD’ but Nokia refused because they are the only phone company in Nigeria, and they have no competitors.

He turned to China and met a man who has worked with Bird Company (A company that produced mobile phones), they both strike a deal and he came back to Nigeria.

After they struck a deal he came back to Nigeria, and register the name Tecno as a phone brand, and began to work out with his new partner on designing the first Tecno phone which was named ‘T101’.

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The phone had a lot of errors and because of that it was not largely accepted in the Nigerian phone market.
Nnamdi and his partner did not give up, and they started working on another Tecno phone which was named ‘Tecno 201’. The ‘Tecno 201’ did not have any errors and it was accepted into the Nigeria market, but making sales became a problem because at that time everyone believed in Nokia phones because it was the only phone brand in Nigeria.

Nnamdi created a strategy and started giving out the phones to phone dealers on credit, after sales they will return his money, and collect more. From there Tecno became popular, and more Tecno phones were created.

While Tecno was having a great time in the market, it spun off a subsidiary from itself, named Infinix, to cater not just for the middle and lower class, but for all classes of individuals in the country.

Speaking of the Infinix brand, Nnamdi said that the Infinix brand evolved from the Tecno brand, and that it was made to suit the taste of every Nigerian.

That was how Nnamdi Ezeigbo became the brain behind ‘Tecno and Infinix phones.’

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