2023: APC Will Disappear After Buhari’s Regime

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A former Governor of Jigawa State and also former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alhaji Sule Lamido, has said the mutual relationships, bond and agreement therein in the All Progressive Congress (APC) will naturally disappear and completely elapse with the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime in 2023.
Lamido said the bond was initially built on President Buhari’s character and that of the National Leader of the APC, Senator Bola Tinubu’s populace constituency, which led to the creation of what was eventually called the legacy party.
Speaking in Kano, he said: “You can see that the Yoruba’s used President Buhari effectively because of his character and they made what they want, they used him to achieved their selfish and personal interests, and today that bound is over as soon as Buhari left you will see an empty home. “So, nothing could be the defining factor of APC in 2023 the President Buhari personality will go with him and the Bola Ahmed Tinubu constituency will be in disarray and PDP which was build on solid Nigerian will naturally take over power.”
“Today, Nigerians are more than convinced that APC was build on nothing but dangerous personal inter-ests which the leaders in the party pursued with vigour without looking back, while PDP was build on thrust, nationality and respect for humanities.”
Speaking further, Lamido said: “Today religious intolerance, ethnicity bigotry which APC introduced dangerously on the stage of Nigeria polity has almost taken over the purview of the citizens psychic, PDP years of struggles to keep Nigeria one was almost destroyed.
“Nigerians should know that sound rules of law, patriotism should not be allowed to take to chance because of some very fee who have throw it to the winds, they should strive to not only sustained it but seen to uphold if.
“I speak as a Nigerian, who speaks his mind. Buhari, who came in from the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) on the strength of the legacy party arrangement was a small shareholder in the APC formation. The biggest shareholders were Bola Tinubu and others, but then President Buhari was the only one with the character that Nigerians would entrust to lead the formation.
“But unfortunately, President Buhari came in with nepotism appointing only those that he thought were his men not minding credibility, and today, that is the consequences we have seen of his nepotistic tendencies.
“I have said it that Buhari could not achieve anything. He first spent large chunk of his tenure attacking PDP as the party behind Nigeria’s problems, but today what is the differences. In fact, PDP moved ahead to solve some of Nigeria’s unforeseen but dangerous problems like the Almajiris issues by building hundreds of Tsangaya schools and so many other projects. Today, most of the projects completed, including the so-called railway stations were PDP initiated ones.”

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