RAK Foundation Pioneer CEO Visits Akran, Sets Records

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The pioneer CEO of RAK Foundation, Mobolaji Ogunlende, was the talk of the town on Friday, 14th January 2022 as he paid homage to the paramount ruler of Badagry, De Wheno Aholu Menu Toyi 1.

The homage to the paramount king was described as exceptional with the magnitude of the entourage who accompanied him to the Palace of the Akran of Badagry amidst dance, drums, funfair and ecstatic feelings that took over the air.

The visit of Mobolaji Ogunlende was also noted to have set 5 amazing feats; below are 5 notable things from the humanitarian:

  1. Love from the Masses: From the event, it is visible to the blind, audible to the deaf that the entire Badagry people are in love with Mobolaji Ogunlende. People were seen to have trekked from Badagry Roundabout with musical instruments not because Mobolaji cannot afford a jet to take every one there, but the people saw it as a way to show love. This can be seen on the smiling and happy faces of the people. It shows they wish to see him in bigger position probably representing their interests in a public office which will facilitate more development. This therefore means that Mobo RAK becomes the first Badagrian to get such an ovation and escort to the palace on first visit with number of dignitaries in attendance.
  2. Expectation by the Palace: In Yoruba culture, there is a statement which says that ” somi la n gbo ni ile oba” that is, you go to the palace to give things and not to take things away. Mobolaji Ogunlende proves this and also breaks it. He presented a gift and also got something home – an award from the king. This mutual exchange shows that the palace had heard the name, felt the impacts, perceived the future but were only waiting for him to come and show himself since the palace cannot sought after him. Hence, this makes him the first Badagrian to receive an award from the palace on first visit.
  3. Clique of Enlightened Friends: Mobolaji becomes the first Badagrian to institute a collection of enlightened and right-thinking youths in Badagry, his circle of friendship called FoRAK, comprises almost every enlightened youth in Badagry from the two LCDAs and the LG. There is an adage which says “show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are.” We’ve seen RAK’s friends. The likes Zosu Solomon, Baasit Badaru, Augustine Kiki, Ashade Abdsalam and others. These are youth with influences, high level of orientation and knack for social development. Unarguably, they are leaders of tomorrow. This tells us that Mobolaji Ogunlende is a man for the society.
  4. Followers from the Three Local Governments: The kind of unity Mobolaji brought to Badagry has never been in place before now. He is the first Badagrian to pull crowd from the three LGAs in the region to achieve a common purpose of visitation. The ‘Awori’ speakers of Ibereko, ‘Sato’ speakers of Ajara and ‘Thefi’ speakers of Kweme, all dropped their gowns of dialectical differences and made their interest one. This is an evident that RAK’s impacts is not confined to a particular area but the entire Badagry.
  5. Mobo RAK has Truly Touched Lives: Right in the palace, there were testimonies from Chiefs; monarchs families that his philanthropist has touched them indirectly. He was encouraged to keep doing the good works, that one day, the society will reward him in good ways. What we learned here is that RAK is not preferential with his kindness. He is not after the rich or poor, but to quench thirst, put a smile on people’s face and empower generations, which everyone can feel.
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Mobolaji Ogunlende could be said to be the Awolowo of Badagry and that emancipation drive can only be achieved by him.

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