Why the Hypocritical June 12 Celebration? By Adesina Oluwaseun

Written by O'News Blog

It’s saddens my heart, when i see the present day crops of politicians hide under the Goodwill of men of honour who toiled day and night for us to enjoy the Democracy we currently enjoying as a Nation today, honorary men and women who had great plans, who sacrificed all for the Economy and infrastructural development of their community and the people at large.

Today, we can see our politicians hiding under this ideology of June 12 , in order to score cheap points within the masses.

Instead of emulating these hero’s and treading their footsteps, they arouse the sympathy of the masses with the names of these hero’s but in turn deceive them and perpetuate themselves in power after robbing the people blindly of the Dividends of Democracy.

On June 12 , 1993, Nigerians trooped out en-masse regardless of their ethnicity, religion and social inclinations in the society to vote for the duo of Abiola/Kingibe for the presidency and vice-presidency.

This was the time when the candidate was considered and not the party; what the duo could do, and not for their religious or ethnic group they belonged to. The 1993 election to date is the most credible, free and peaceful one till date, even though it was annulled by the General Ibrahim Babangida regime for reasons unknown till date.

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“HOPE 1993,” the political slogan of the Social Democratic Party(SDP) was a promise of better life for Nigerians. Seeing some greedy politicians ridding on the goodwill of our great hero’s makes me ask what the legacy of the hero’s mean to them.

“The Hope” slogan of the SDP, if the election had not been Annulled, would it have meant bad roads in the country? Lack of qualitative medical facilities? Lack of basic education, exorbitant fee hike and periodic strike in our tertiary institutions ?

High rate of unemployment among our youths , who have turned our capable youths to armed robbers and modernised prostitutes ? Insecurity, kidnapping , banditry, hunger and starvation? Lack of Government support for agriculture? Imposition of candidates during elections? Propaganda and politics of blackmail?

Poor and high cost of transportation? High tax burden ? low level of participation of women in governance? Are these what the masses would have gained if they have voted HOPE 1993?

We know what Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo did, he emancipated the Yorubas from the faculty of illiteracy through free and qualitative education; we also can tell what Chief Kashimawo Olawale Abiola did, he didn’t discriminate or play religion or politics of ethnicity.

Can we really say the present crops of governors declaring public holiday or hiding under the principle and ideology of these hero’s are true democrats who believed in a united Nigeria? With the way they play up the ethnic and religious trump card whenever it suits them, I greatly doubt this.

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So then why the unnecessary public holiday been declared by this selfish and greedy political class who have deviated from the ideology and principles in which this hero’s believed in? Enough of this deceitful act

May the Spirit of this our leaders haunt our present crops of leaders who ride under the goodwill of their names to actualize their political ambition but have continually inflicted suffering and pains on the Nigerian masses.

May the souls of Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola and other heroes of our democracy continually rest in perfect peace.

God Bless Nigeria.

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