How To Prevent Your Baby From Having Infection In The First 6 Months Of Life

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…6 Important tips every mother and intending mothers MUST know

Newborn babies especially those born prematurely and of low birth weight – can easily become infected with harmful microorganisms encountered before, during and after birth.

These infections are some of the causes of death in newborns globally.

To prevent this infection from coming near the baby. Some of this tips will be useful

1. Early and Exclusive Breastfeeding: Babies should be given only breast milk for the first 6 months of life because it contains the immunoglobulin (antibodies) that help in fighting infection. Also do not give water as majority of breast milk content is water.

2. Clean Cord Care: This aspect is very important as many of the infections baby come down with is from poor cord care.

Mothers should ensure to apply chlorhexidine gel as directed in the hospital usually once a day application.

It is important to apply from base to the tip of the umbilical cord and do not allow to touch the skin as it can burn the baby’s skin.

3. Washing of Hands and Personal Hygiene: Hand washing is one of the basic ways of preventing transmission of infection.

Also keeping a clean and neat environment is also of key importance as it also keeps harmful microorganisms that causes infection away

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4. Minimal Handling by Visitors: The way visitors carry babies when they come to greet should be reduced because babies immunity are still low and are at risk of whichever microorganisms the visitors are bringing into the house

5. Mother’s Health and Nutrition: It is of importance for mothers to eat an adequate diet as this is what the baby takes in the breast milk for nourishment and helps in proper growth and fights infection.

6. Age Appropriate Immunization for Babies: The babies should be taken to a healthcare facility for age appropriate immunization immediately from birth.

These immunization are given in form of vaccines that mimics certain infection, helps the babies build antibodies against them and thus prevent future occurrence of that particular disease.

By RN Oluwatosin Matimoju

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