Man Cancels Wedding as Fiancee Refuses To Reveal Who Bought her IPhone 13 Pro Max

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A young man has cancelled his wedding after his fiancee failed to reveal who bought her an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Her curious lover asked her who got her the expensive phone and she insisted that it was a family member, when further asked to disclose the name of the family MEMBER.

The lady refused and this infuriated her lover who immediately cancelled the wedding.

Story was shared on social media by @Rita-Army a friend to the heart broken man.

Social media reacts,

@iamayotomii said: “he dey aviod future catastrophe,It’s not hard to tell who bought it.A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage”

@usern92114×9f3 commented: “He seems to be too fast sef.He should have waited till d wedding day n not show up”

@natho822 stated: “believe me,it might not be any of her family members that bought dat phone for her,If it was what’s so hard in telling the husband to be.

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