Dangers of Herbal Concoction In Babies

You are putting the life of your baby at risk by giving herbal concoction

A lot of mothers give different reasons just to justify their use of herbal concoctions for their babies.

Herbal concoction has done enough harm to babies than good (if there’s even any good at all)

Mothers do say it makes them stronger.

I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the reason why a solution will be given for a problem that doesn’t even exist in the first place.

A question I do ask is “What is it in the herbal concoction that exactly makes them stronger”?

Did they complain of being weak?

There are a lot of natural herbs in the world from trees and plants ( this fact cannot be disputed)….

but do you know their use and the right measurement for each utilization?

Their concentrations of active ingredients are unpredictable, their measurement is inadequate and unprescribed, and they can cause toxicity for these children( Imagine you as an adult taking it and giving the same quantity to a baby/child…it’s so unfair).

A mother once told me it prevents Jaundice…..

And my reply to her was that the liver of these young ones are not matured enough to metabolize this strong organic formulations.

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It destroys their liver gradually and you later begin to wonder why there are liver problems later in life after you must have loaded the liver with all sort of herbs and it has even started working before its appointed time.

There is a natural physiology for Jaundice to occur with or without herb usage and it is best to visit the hospital to treat this condition.

That’s how our forefathers drank it in ancient times so the trend must continue, as I heard when I was with a group of mothers recently…..

Truth be told, the time of our forefathers is different from this present time, and there were little to no processed food and no lazy lifestyle to balance the effect of these herbal concoctions they took in.

Their natural lifestyle/nutrition could help them balance those things they took then unlike this present generation that have substituted natural with processed and artificial things thus overloading the liver with work.

RN Matimoju

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