May God Punish Every Girl That Ever Slept With a Married Man – Epic Replies

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In a “turning-o-ni-on” tweet 😌 that has gotten people throwing banters at each other, a user with the username: freakyFadey wants God to punish girls who sleeps with married men.
As usual in the way of the tweeters, some came for her telling her God will immensely punish the married men who rather cheated despite vowing to love and cherish their women.
Some even call it a “waste of prayer” while another wanted ogun – the Yoruba god of iron to rather deal with them because God is gentle.
Others even said the lady is partial and dodging the prayers while ending up collecting MFM prayer points and another even cautioned her not to insult her since they are not friends “if u think my tweet is rubbish say yours that’s not rubbish. Some married men remove rings and these girls ain’t prophets.” SibbsJojo (the username said)
Enjoy the discussions here:

May God punish every girl that has ever slept with a married man 🙏🏾

— don’t_microwave🍼 (@freakyFadey) August 29, 2019

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