Revealed: Detailed Monthly Earnings for Nigeria Senators up to ₦29.48bn

The earnings of the Nigerian senators have been revealed to be up to ₦29.48bn monthly.

In a statement credited to Channels TV, StatiSense, a data consulting firm with expertise in providing data services shared that each lawmaker earn a basic salary of ₦2.48m, ₦4.97m for Constituency Projects and ₦7.45m for furniture allowance.
Breakdown of the earnings is below:
Basic Salary – ₦2.48m
Hardship Allowance – ₦1.24m
Constituency Allowance –  ₦4.97m
Furniture Allowance – ₦7.45m
Newspaper Allowance – ₦1.24m
Wardrobe Allowance – ₦621K
Recess Allowance – ₦248K
Accommodation – ₦4.97m
Utilities – ₦828K
Entertainment – ₦828K
Personal Assistant – ₦621K
Vehicle Maintenance Allowance – ₦1.86m
Leave Allowance – ₦248K
Severance Gratuity – ₦1.86m
Motor Vehicle Allowance – ₦9.94m
Total = ₦29.48m Monthly
Sequel to this revelation, the Senate earnings has generated much controversy with the citizenry curious to know the jumbo pay their senators receive.

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