Can a Woman Really Go 3 Months Without Sex?

Sex is said to reduce stress and also makes it easier to sleep, and improve the heart health according to a study.
Women especially ladies who have reached puberty are always believed that they cannot go 3 months without having intercourse or even masturbate.
The above ascertion is held by many including ladies themselves and corroborated by a tweet shared by a user, Akan aka @london_used as seen below:

Girls don’t go 3 month without having sex…..
It’s either they have sex or mastubate
If you’ve not seen your babe in 3 months,sorry for you….
I’m serious o. You can ask the doctors here

— LONDON used BOYFRIEND(Akan) (@london_used) September 6, 2019

This claim is however not true as widely believed and ladies have come out debunking it all.
E_cube, one of those who responded advised ladies to ignore as it is a trap while another who rather won’t want to have her name in the public for the wrong reasons rather joked about it.

Don’t mind them. I really don’t know why some people think a woman can’t stay without sexual intercourse. I’ve once stayed 2years without sex so it surprises me whenever I see these tweets.

— Kem Kem 💎 (@SpontaneousKemi) September 6, 2019

With all these, one undisputable fact is that women can do forever without sex just like men too and the take off here for the women is summarised in the points below:

  1. Taking such break can make the vagina drier,
  2. The sex drive, libido, will be low
  3. It may also take more time for the vagina to get sufficiently lubricated when the lady is ready.
In essence, it is indeed possible for women to take a break or go to the extreme like forever if there is nothing to caught their attention there.
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