How Yakubu Gowon was Dethroned as Head of State (Video)

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After spending nine years as the Nigerian president, Yakubu Gowon, was overthrown in a bloodless coup on July 29th 1975 while he was away in Kampala, Uganda for an OAU Summit.
The coup was reportedly masterminded by a former Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Army, Gen. Hassan Katsina who was downgraded by Gowon.
Upon hearing the news, Gen. Gowon was seen standing off his seat and rushed into the arms of reporters who were trying to overwhelm him while on his way out but he responded that he had no comment.
Gowon, was also seen to have a discussion with the then Ugandan president Idi Amin, while on his way out.
Col. Namvan Garba, who made the announcement was regarded as one of his closest friends, and also the commander of the Elite, Guards Brigade, which had usually protected the chief of state in his Lagos headquarters.
A suspicious Gowon ahead of the situation had moved his family to London who he later joined afterwards.
38 year old Brigadier Murtala Mohammed was then named the Chief of State while Brig. O. Obasanjo was named Chief of Staff at Supreme Headquarters and Brig. T. Y. Danjuma named the Chief of the Army Staff.
Others are Commodore Michael Adelanwa, named as Chief of the Naval Staff; John Issa Duku, Chief of the Airy Staff, and Alhaji M. D. Yusufu was the Inspector General of the Police.
See the reaction of Gen. Gowon when he was dethroned below:

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