Ignore Kilishi with Round Growths on them to Avoid Tuberculosis

If you buy Kilishi that has these small round growths on them, there is a high chance that that cow had bovine Tuberculosis.
Can you get this disease from eating this meat?
A person can get bovine TB from drinking unpasteurised milk or eating undercooked meat.
The bacteria that causes it can infect human beings, the airways and lungs especially.
It’s rare in the developed world, but there are instances in the developing world including Nigeria
Also, Kilishi is usually prepared under the most unhygienic of conditions to add this.
Add the risks of getting bovine TB to the mix.
Flies perching on the meat being prepared will most likely give you worm infections.
The risks of infecting humans with bovine TB is minimal, but do you want to risk it? Are you part of the “one thing must kee a man crew?”
Please note that Bovine TB have also been known to be transmitted to humans especially if there is direct contact with wounds (as seen in cases of butchers)
Also there have been infection through inhalation of aerosols from infected animal.
Credits: Aproko Doctor

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