Why Ladies Are Scared of Dating Handsome Guys

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The life of some handsome guys can sometimes be lonely and a sad one because unlike the regular guys, you may not just get love and will just wish to have an ugly face.

Don’t miss the point, as a fine guy, you will have a lot of females hovering around you like ants on sugar but not really the romantic ones – just friend zones.

Some of the reasons why ladies don’t take handsome guys serious are shared below according to reactions from the ladies themselves:

  1. Because they feel too big of themselves because they are cute (Ifechi)
  2. The way some girls throw themselves at guys mehn, you’re going to be scared to be with one (Valiente)
  3. They are all players – they are not serious people (Tulip Xoxo)
  4. Because they attract girls like sugar to an ant.. (Chika)
  5. Date them and heartbreak is yours (Opeyemi)
  6. You won’t be the only person servicing him (Amaka)
  7. Dem priq no dy stay one place (Mrs Ossy)
  8. I’m not scared of dating any fineboy just be fine and have 💰 money (Chiwendu)
  9. The barely fine ones that women hardly look at are cheating, what will the one that women are pouring effort and attention on do? (Timere)
  10. Because some of them fine guys always think they can do better than the one they have. Hence they can date multiple ladies at once… (VeeQue)
  11. Most of em are players, some play too much, and I don’t have the strength to be jealous of ladies reacting, (MJay)
  12. Because they’re ugly in the heart (Ibono)
  13. I am not oh! They are my spec. (Ruoma)
  14. They are usually known to be players (Eze Maureen)
  15. He might start using up all her beauty products. (Val)
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These are just a couple of reactions from the reaction shared on this timeline, do you agree to these.


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