Bride-to-be HIV Positive through One Alhaji, Groom-to-be Unaware

As shared by one Deola Adereti on twitter:
My friend was dating one Alhaji in the North where she was posted for her NYSC. It was supposed to be “just NYSC affair”, but things turned around two weeks after she came back from Service. She started taking ills and all, so people suggested she shoud carry out some tests.

Her test result came out on Friday, positive for HIV.
Now, the guy she’s been dating before the youth service never had sex with her.
They are supposed to be getting married later this year. She called to tell me she’s scared of breaking the news to him.
She has cried her eyes out these past few days. She doesn’t want lose him. What do you advise she do?
My thought is:
Perhaps she should just break up with him with other flimsy excuse but telling him she contracted HIV might not usher well for her.
She might lose other suitors in the process. Those that might want her despite her condition or what do you think?

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