Seme Border: Police Release 4 Teenagers Arrested for Stealing Bag of Rice, others at Checkpoint

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A team of police officers have released the four teenagers (ranging from 11 to 14) and two adults arrested yesterday June 13th about 7pm from Shito community in Seme area of Badagry.
The teenagers were accused of Stealing a bag of rice, mosquito nets, 1 extra tyre, mattresses and four 30 littres of petrol from the police team at their checkpoint after Gbethrome.
The teenagers – Alex (14 year old) , Jamiu (12 year old) Gebu (11 year old) and Daddy boy (11 year old) were arrested with 2 adults – Ramon and a lady, Nurse.
After torture, Gebu confessed seeing Alex carrying half one half bag of rice but the police insisted it was a bag then demanded for ₦50,000 (fifty thousand naira) being the sum of all the items.
A contact person, Musa, who relayed the news noted that the Baale of Shito, Youth leaders and the Vice Chairman of Badagry West, Hon. Rabiy were called to intervene.
However, after the intervention, they were all released and no sum was paid with more efforts from the Badagry West Students Group, NABWEST, Shito Youth Forum, the Baale, My Badagry My Future Group amongst others.

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