Badagry’s Economic Liberation is Near – Babatunde Hunpe

While taking to heart the pains of his people, the Member representing Badagry at the Federal House of Representatives, Babatunde Hunpe responded to their yearnings on the partial closure of the border.
While reacting at a TV programme, Owuro Lawa, on Lagos Television, Ikeja, Hunpe narrated the effects of the border closure.

Noting that the Seme border closure  though a desirable measure by the Federal Government to save the nation’s economy and enable restoration of sanity by the Nigerian Customs Service, there is need for consideration for the people.
“Our people in Badagry that are farmers can not take there products to markets as the enforcement agencies can not defrenciate between the imported product and the one produces by our people” , Hunpe reacted.
He then charged the agencies to concentrate on the activities going on at main boarder and not to extend their checking points to boarder communities like Sito, Gbaji and others numbering over 15 checking points.
“There was no doubt that time had come for necessary measures to be taken by the Federal Government to protect Nigeria’s local manufacturers so that their products would have value and flourish without undue competition.” 
“While we acknowledge that such measures can not come without some unavoidable inconveniences to the citizens, it is important to note that it will serve the larger interest of the country and Badagry communities in the long run,” he concluded.
He then urged his constituents to maintain a peaceful coexistence for the time being as their economic liberation is near.

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