Are Badagry APC Members Just There to add to the Numbers?

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As shared by Mr. Abayomi Oviyon from his friend:
Dear Yomi,
Are you people from Badagry who are in the APC just there to add to the number
Are Ogu people second class citizens? In 20 years that the APC and its affiliate parties have governed the state Badagry has been abandoned like an outcast despite the massive tourist opportunities there.
I don’t what to talk about the business opportunities available there as the only international border town in Lagos.
What have Badagry people gained from the APC? Please don’t tell me about that self-hating and inferiority complex-laced story of internal wrangling among Badagry politicians.
That is the excuse they want you guys to believe. Ambode, turned Wow into a little London in 4 years. Ikorodu is being rehabilitated, these two towns are similar to Badagry (in fact, Badagry Is more important for reasons already stated above), why has Badagry been ignore.
How come in 20 years the best appointment Badagry people have even gotten in Lagos are that of aides to the governor? Not a single commissioner has been appointed from there in 20 years.
I would appreciate if you can answer these questions without all those political conspiracy theories that means nothing. Thanks.

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