How Lady was Robbed of ₦400,000 Entering a Private Car

As shared on Twitter by one Omotunde:
My younger sister called me crying profusely! I had to rush down to see her at home.
Please, be very careful entering private cars to VI – Lekki – Ajah. Most of them are ‘one chance.’ Yesterday (14th January), she entered a Sienna car at Berger around 5am heading to VI. She was the 2nd passenger.
These were her narration as she explained how four guys punched, beat and knocked her sister for almost an hour dropping her eventually from the moving vehicle at Ikeja after assaulting, molesting and threatening her.
The lady was also reported to have been chocked as acid was brought out to be poured on her and blade to cut her even had to be slapped to answer all questions while her phone was explored down to all her mails and apps even her ATM PIN was collected and had to transfer to an account she had her card while robbing her of ₦400,000.
As if these were not enough, Aboniki balm was applied on her after her ordeal accompanied by deep punches before she was eventually dropped at Opebi and left traumatised ever since.
Read the full explanation here:


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