Don Jazzy Sends ₦100,000 To A Man Who Insulted Him Online

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Don Jazzy caused a stir online after sending ₦100,000 to a Nigerian Twitter user who insulted him.
Don Jazzy had tweeted: “Baba GOD abeg where make i stand so that when manna fall. e go fall inside my basin.”
Then @badtguym insulted him by telling him:
“Will you keep kwayet?”

Don Jazzy didn’t feel offended. He asked him:
“What’s the matter? Are u hungry? You can talk to me. I can help if u don’t mind. What’s wrong with you?”
The guy replied: “Isolation is not funny ejor. Don’t mind me.”
Then Jazzy said he should drop his account details:
“I can imagine. What’s ur details. So u fit buy indomie”
The guy dropped it and Don Jazzy sent him ₦100,000 and this got Nigerians talking.
Meanwhile, Don Jazzy did another 100k giveaway after sending money to the guy.

He sent to a lady, @EWAWUNMIII, who said to him:
“What If I say I love you, will you dash me money?”

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